Namaste from India!

Light the burden of your questions in your mind,
Release your stress of wanting a perfect climactic world,
Come enter deep within the lines of your email,
Let us read your thoughts while you check our intellect!
Live life as if thoughts were able to change the world…:)
Ekta Kalra
Your Friend by Intellect…

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About Me

I am Ekta Kalra, M.Pharm (India) and MSc (UK) with special interest in microbial part of the huge planet. May be the small molecules matter more than the big oceans…Or may be the big oceans matter due to the small molecules. Where have we left hope I am not sure of but I know we left faith in our abilities due to criticism. Critics are welcome if they aim to construct! For destruction there are many available easily, I don’t need external help, sorry about that!

Please help me realise that faith will erupt and flow with the oceans to protect the ice and eyes from melting! May eyes never melt for lack of faith and may faith in our abilities protect Arctic ice from melting…:)