Ice melts through heat, breaks through sound and vanishes through both…

Ice breaks through sound:

1. It is a novel and good point to be noted.
2. Does the most basic structures of ice weaken through sound?
3. Does the most basic structure of ice breaks to pieces through sound?
4. What is sound doing in Arctic? Who is making it to weaken it?
5. Does sound affects microbes in and outside ice?
6. Sound affects humans then does that mean it affects microbes?
7. Sound affects every cell of human body so does that mean it affects every gas molecule?
8. Can we heat through sound? Yes! Then why is it not so well known to science?
9. Can we withdraw sound? No! Then why do we create unwanted sound?
10. Is the right sound that makes bonds in ice? So does it mean Arctic needs Vedic mantra chanting?
11. Does the right heat help form bonds of ice? Does it mean Arctic needs Homa therapy?
12. Is sound the culprit above heat?
13. Is heat the product of sound?
14. Is sound the cause of heat?
15. Is sound the product of heat?
16. Who invented what? Humans invented sound through speech or was it really a word before all creation?
17. Why sound has so much importance in every scripture?
18. Why sound has so less relevance to Arctic till date?
19. If sound can heal cells then can it heal molecules and atoms that make the cell or air?

Think, make less sound and answer ….

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Lessons from Sewage Treatment for Ocean Treatment (Methane solution is here!) Part III

The below article is the continuation of the researcher’s study on sewage treatment with the focus on understanding oceans.

1. The process of sewage treatment can be thought of as a “complex form of composting.”
2. “The compost heap which you may have in your garden is like a miniature sewage treatment works.”
3. The centre usually becomes anaerobic as existing oxygen is used up.
4. Closer to the top of the heap aerobic processes take place. Apart from the raw material, the other big difference between a sewage treatment works and a compost heap is that inside a compost heap, temperatures become high – well above 60 °C – which is detrimental to most species of microbes, but in which some can flourish.

Reference for the above 4 points:

Some thoughts on this:

1. Composting is good for gardens so why is it not a thought solution for oceans?
2. Is composting in oceans a natural phenomenon which has slowed down due to pollution and needs a boosting through human efforts?
3. Are there regions in oceans which have turned anaerobic?
4. Is methane produced to a still greater extent in the areas which are anaerobic or are lacking natural composting?
5. Is the temperature increase in oceans attributable to the lack of natural composting or anaerobic conditions?
6. If CO2 in air can heat oceans then can anaerobic oceans heat the air?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Lessons from Sewage Treatment for Ocean Treatment (Methane solution is here!) Part II

The below article is the continuation of the researcher’s study on sewage treatment with the focus on understanding oceans.

1. Sewage processing reduces the concentration of potentially harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella in the original sewage as many of them die during the processing because the conditions are not appropriate for them.
2. It is also important to reduce the amount of organic compounds in the effluents released into rivers from sewage works.
3. “If this is not done, then microbes naturally present in the river use the organic compounds as a source of energy and reproduce in huge numbers.”
4. “Since they respire aerobically, they use up much of the oxygen dissolved in the water, leaving little for other organisms such as invertebrates or fish, many of which will die.”
5. Sewage must therefore be treated to reduce the amount of organic matter, and thus reduce the Biological Oxygen Demand or BOD, defined as the amount of oxygen required by the aerobic microbes to decompose the organic compounds in a sample of water.

Reference for above 5 points:

Some thoughts on this:

1. Do we need to worry the same for oceans?
2. Will the pathogenic microbes if multiply in huge number reduce the oxygen level of oceans?
3. Has this happened in recent past and has been the hidden cause of multitudes of deaths of marine animals in oceans?
4. In less level of oxygen do otherwise useful microbes release toxins that kills marine animals?
5. Is there evidence that in the past developing countries near the oceans dumped sewage or waste therein?
6. Death and decay can end anything. Does this mean that if we don’t remove dead material from the bottom of oceans we invite pathogenic microbial multiplication?
7. If E. coli and Salmonella multiply real quick in oceans then will it mean death of marine animals? Can fish resist the microbes that multiply on its own excretion (sewage)?
8. Is there need of reducing organic material from oceans?
9. Is sewage the future of oceans if left untreated and not helped but harmed?
10. How can we change the future of oceans by NOT dumping waste but by removing waste?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Lessons from Sewage Treatment for Ocean Treatment (Methane solution is here!)

This article talks about the lessons which sewage treatment can teach to the scientists working on ocean treatment.

Referred this site:

Important points from the above article on sewage treatment:

1. About 10 billion litres of sewage are produced every day in England and Wales and this has to be treated to remove harmful substances and pathogenic microbes before the waste can be safely released into the environment.
2. The main component of sewage is organic matter (undigested food) but there are other substances such as oil, heavy metals, nitrogen and phosphorous compounds (from artificial fertilisers and detergents) which also have to be removed.
3. Here you will consider the important role of microbes in the sewage treatment process.
4. Rain water is included.
5. What then remains is the liquid portion, or effluent, which is rich in suspended organic matter and some pathogenic microbes. This liquid portion will ultimately be released into rivers or the sea but it is vital to first reduce the organic matter content and eliminate harmful microbes.
6. To do this the liquid is fed into an aeration tank containing a complex community of microbes. The contents of the tank are mixed mechanically with air or air is bubbled through the tank. The microbes then use the organic material in the sewage as their source of carbohydrate for respiration.
7. Thus, microbes help treat sewage as per the above article.

Some thoughts on this:

1. If sewage is not treated it might produce methane gas.
2. This is a fight between good and bad microbes.

Some ideas of learnings from sewage treatment:

1. Can we apply the learnings from sewage treatment to ocean water?
2. Is fish excretion not something similar to sewage?
3. Do we need the right microbes and aeration in oceans?
4. Is the level of oxygen declining in oceans so as to cause methane production?
5. Can the solid waste and sewage be exactly what we are vaguely talking about in oceans?
6. What more can we begin to learn by co- relating sewage treatment and ocean treatment?

Thank you!

Researched by Ekta Kalra

With Lessons from Curd can Environment be Helped?

1. Could we coagulate the harmful microbes?
2. Can the harmful microbes be made to sit at the bottom of ocean or soil (if land)?
3. Did this naturally happen hundreds of years ago?
4. Did our missions at the bottom of oceans disturb this coagulation?
5. Can we change the acidity of ocean by microbes like the ones which forms curd?
6. Is there a lesson on microbes of oceans and land which is taught by the microbes of curd?
7. Can we separate all the harmful microbes in the oceans by forming a solid settled mass curd-like at the bottom of ocean? Undisturbed it shall be at peace with life…

Written by Ekta Kalra

Love of Climate Change Activist

Broken hearts weep in silence
Loud speaks the storm
That converts soil to dust
And brings soul to end.

Why as an activist I was born?
When the world turns deaf ears.
I am managing defeats
When youths succeed.

I am in tears Oh! Sky!
What resembles peace?
Will there be coming of hope?
I am asking life my wound’s worth.

Why didn’t life teach me straight?
Why I am less educated than creation?
In which school I was denied admission?
Why defeat is for me not wrong?

Touch my heart,
Wipe my emotions,
Understand my tears,
I am a climate change activist for love not fear.

Written by Ekta Kalra

News: Research says Microbe affects Microbe

We have studied drug – drug interaction. One drug affects another drug. Similarly, one microbe affects another microbe. One microbe can compete with another microbe for food and air and thereby affect its multiplication. This is just one way how microbe affects microbe. The good thing about this finding is that the harmful microbes can be controlled by useful microbes. For example, methane producing microbes could be tomorrow controlled by this novel method of microbe-microbe interaction.

What are your thoughts on these:

1. Microbes kill microbes
2. Microbes eat microbes

For example, the microbes in the human gut are many times useful and good for the body. What happens when pathogenic microbes enter in? What happens to the useful microbes? Does the pathogenic microbes know that their survival will be difficult as long as helpful microbes are present? Do the pathogenic microbes first kill the useful microbes so as to establish their kingdom in the gut? Is there a constant fight in our body as well as the environment between pathogenic microbes and useful microbes?

There are some more questions:
1. Can we strengthen the stand of useful microbes by supplying certain nutrients in the human body and thereby increasing immunity?
2. Can we strengthen the stand of useful microbes in the environment by making the conditions for their multiplication favourable?
3. Can we weaken the pathogenic microbes by deleting their overall food and air requirements? For example removing dead matter from ocean so that methane producing microbes don’t find space.
4. Can we selectively kill pathogenic microbes in environment? For example using garlic to selectively kill pathogenic microbes in human gut.

Research by Ekta Kalra

Style or Earth’s Plight?

So you walk straight,
Let’s walk zig zag.
You need to understand the style.
Let the earth suffer if that’s in its destiny!

You wear new clothes,
Have every year the mobile changed.
What about a travel abroad,
You need to have pride in colour and flavour.

Let the world have more floods,
If that’s in its destiny.
Let the charm of youth be loud,
Tattered and shattered dreams of parents make no sound.

Let there be a walk and a talk,
Let there be culture of entertainment,
Celebration of futile success be loud
Let there be joy that resembles pride.

I am hurt deep within,
Who guided the current youth?
In the shade of lust they smile
Weeps the innocent children unheard.

Why this world to defeat false grief?
Why real sorrow grows within?
Why this style and dial?
Why in every hand a mobile?

Earth is burdened by unrest
There is no where peace heard,
I am crying in tears of unspoken words
Would I have been heard if at all I spoke first?

You won’t understand dust,
But my dreams today resemble you,
I am unethically an activist,
While ethically they stand to hurt.

Wounded on face,
Bleeding from front,
My Mother Earth stands in sorrow,
Sorrows unknown to human heart,

Unheard by human ears
Unfelt by logics wild flow
Will science save earth again?
I know it is not plague,

But I still hope for a play
When science smiles
Logic doesn’t weep,
There is trust built in intelligence,

And efficient is medaled with glory,
The earth is saved again,
Humans continue to breathe,
Pride rests in rightfulness,

Tell me religion why it’s wrong,
Why the one who sacrifices
Should continue to weep?
Why pride that is for rich?

Is wrong on the face of good deed?
I want to question the world,
The desire to know is never ending
But the dream to understand fails to accept silence.

Why God created a crippled earth?
Will God come to repair?
Hope smiles on religions’ face
While scientists follow a different race.

Will carbon emission be lowered?
Will God motivate humans?
Or will human questions be answered by divine
Where in earthquake is divine’s hand?

Will God begin to understand?
Will he step in on a future day?
Is he testing our patience?
Have we passed or failed.

Please God the creator
Understand the child weeping
On the face of flood
Save our brothers and sisters

To you we ask to be heard.
Hear our complaints
They are our pains.
We worship light,

Let there be joy in sight
Nurture us in care
In you our thoughts repair
Guide us through and through.

Yesterday we were
Are we not your children today?
Can relations be sacrificed in heavens?
Why no one opens the door of hope?

Please answer God
Why in this misfit
We are alone?
Won’t you stand by our side?

Won’t you shine in our eyes?
Infinity of stars for sky
But no hope for earth.
Is this called as destiny?

After so much of science
Knowledge and logic
Should we bow to destiny?
And stand trembling in unrest.

Please listen to tears
Hear our silence
We need love from heart
Heart weeps to be loved.

Alone on planet as humans
Do we humans have right to dream?
Far from every star
Can we shine in believe?

Is there anyone outside our planet?
Hello! Can we be heard?
What is happening in universe?
Why no one steps to help?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Defeat resigned success

Master what my friend,
Misery rests in misfit,
Even when logic stands as intelligent,
Emotions drag self to dust.

I am hurt again by silence,
Will no one speak?
Is there a ear around?
Or is too missing.

I am not conversant with tactics
Let innocence weep
Are there people who understand tears?
Or is relief still just a dream?

Why should we believe in rest?
When in resting is no human peace.
Why should we not stand to shout?
Are any ears functioning around?

I am not casting my shadow on ground.
Why should I insult the soil?
My soul is hurt by reasons.
Is logic just a form of human pride?

Why no one listens?
Why no one speaks?
Why no one speaks to be listened?
Why no one listens to what we mean in speech?

Why no one acts?
Why no one reacts?
Why silence is worship?
When worship holds words.

Why should there be political power?
Why no human action holds the strength?
Is the common defeated before speech?
Is silence a new human creed?

Why should carbon emissions be lowered?
Who is asking for prove?
Infinity of logic in books.
Politicians stand as if nothing they understood.

Common weeps when floods arrives
Rich travels afar,
Politicians celebrate each day
There is pain but no unrest.

There is pain but no unrest my friend,
There is reason to decide our fate,
Not by another line on hand
But on hand that creates lines of permaculture on land.

I am not withdrawing self from defeat,
I am forgiving absence of goodness,
I am just asking for a bit of care,
Is love such a disputable action?

Why can’t we lower our footprints?
Why can’t we care of life?
Life of ours is precious.
But what in our eyes is earth?

We never listen to songs of truth.
We never resemble peace.
We forgive the land of knowledge,
And stand even in science as insane.

We cast shadow of unrest,
We disrupt peace,
We don’t ask for our needs,
We make desires our need.

We waste and chase
We hurt and wound
We cut the tree,
That had shade when stood.

We don’t think we are intelligent,
We think all our fools,
The logic of science flows deep within,
When we deny even good religious beliefs.

What is we fail?
What if we fail to win?
Will we win another logic,
That shall create our new defeat.

Let there be peace
Let there be rejoice.
Apply logic
Design love for right.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: A feeling or a thought?

Why am I feeling emotions?
Why this pain doesn’t end?
Why there is need for help?
Why logic fails to confess?

Why another flood?
Another earthquake?
Another fire broke,
Next could be our home.

Why this silence in action?
Why this loud speech?
I am hurt deep within,
When will arrive relief?

Why emotions stand unheard?
Why politicians’ stand is heard?
Why am I free to waste?
Why am I caged to act safe?

Why the world is weeping?
Yet no sound in heard.
Who in politics is breathing?
Why there is less oxygen for words?

Why people don’t understand?
Why humans don’t step in?
Why am I hurt within?
When will arrive relief?

Will earth be diseased?
Will prescription left unaddressed?
Will no one lower carbon emissions?
No matter how big is the unrest.

Why was I born in misfit?
A child questioned my human being.
I am too sad in believing
That for humans waste is need.

Will no one understand?
Will no one support?
Will logic be always suppressed?
Will tomb be earth’s new home?

Where is hope?
Where is shine?
Let me see a glimpse of pleasant surprise.
Let there be smile on earth’s innocent face.

Written by Ekta Kalra