Climate change: Is there a predictable end?

Cater to the desires of senses
Humans stands alone on globe to cause misfit.
There is no need but desire,
Things are bought for pleasure.

Why should this so happen?
Why selfishness occupies every face?
Why is there so much thirst of monetary?
So much sin of wants…

Earth weeps in silent tears,
Globe trembles in grief.
Majority smiles when wants are satisfied,
Few struggle to bring in peace.

There is a culture of selfishness,
Repute of rich,
Poor weeps tears for food
While rich has greed.

Who should be blamed?
For the corrupt human race.
Is this God’s good image?
In who’s image were humans made?

Silent my questions
In the shade of love and peace
Ask for justice,
Will world never weep for the misfit?

Will climate change be an inevitable reality?
Will we fall on our knees?
Will we never stand to smile?
Will our children suffer wounds of my dreams?

Who will penetrate in mind?
The desire is the lust.
There is shadow of logic on ground
And dreams occupy the dust.

Whom to explain and how?
Whom to enrol the crown?
Let there be peace and light?
We are held in schedule tight.

If not now then when?
What if humans don’t repent?
What if humans cast shadows of extremism?
Is there a predictable end?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Emotions know no signs of science…

If day begins with grief,
Will it end with pain?
I am hurt by the world insane.
No doubt we have climate change.

I am also conversant with pain,
Wounds are not Alien’s on my body.
But we see the world in race for comfort
I still feel huge pain.

May be the world won’t entertain
May be the world will prefer to be insane
How much logic is weeping?
Will no one care for it again?

Touching the sky is wisdom,
Touching the soil is sin,
Who will measure my success?
When to the world I aim to give.

I am not hurt by physical wounds,
As much by emotional pains,
How should I explain?
Humans don’t cast your shadows on earth again.

I listen to children weeping,
Each time the flood drops in,
Humans should listen to dreams
Only those that don’t cast burden on earth.

When did I say I will accept defeat?
I am still fighting the grief.
With tears too I fight.
With silence too I stand.

As if I lost a friend again,
As if the earth was misled in space,
As if there is hope just from far away,
Who should be repent for humans way.

Feeling the pain of wounds,
I feel huge hurt at heart,
Will climate change never be resolved?
Who will create peace on earth?

Will God arrive?
Will humans survive?
Who will answer my questions?
When answers need sunshine.

Hurt deep within
I still stand with a smile,
Earth is bleeding day and night,
We travel for neighbour’s envy.

Must rehearse new hope or defeat,
What is in store of destiny?
Wait! But do I believe in destiny?
Let me smile without believe!

I am not crippled but I stand with support,
I am not broken but I need love,
I am not in sorrow but I look for comfort.
Will life ever resolve human needs.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: Let our children too bloom!

Just a roof of sky!
Just a smile for life’s remaining hours!
Just the earth to call ours!
In the universe that dwells out of reach,

We are not asking for a star for each,
Just a relief from climatic wounds,
Our children too deserve to bloom!
Our children do not deserve a doom!

What more are we asking from Divine?
Why are our prayers so far from Divine’s working table?
Why not we deserve smiles in earth’s every mile?
Am I asking more?

Climate wounds my soul, Divine!
Is complaining too a sin?
Is crying a sin?
Then why smiling in an odd hour not a sin?

Why should we not be told the secrets of our globe?
You have universe my Lord!
We have just one earth!
We might not even have that for some reason!

Can we not be ensured life?
Why success is so ill defined for humans?
Why tears matter not to the soul of shine?
Please nurture us as a family member…

We are children of Divine.
And to His glory we ask for life!
Just life and with it a few smiles!
Our little miles will shine with light!

Catch our emotions flow!
Feel the rock and roll!
We humans sin I know!
We humans love may Divine be shown!

Just a touch of joys from you!
I am listening to whispers of survival!
Another earthquake that shivers emotions!
The cracks on soil of heart!

Save us from these with love!
Alter not the stand of emotions!
Justify the deeds of evil not good!
Let our children too bloom!

Written by Ekta Kalra

Any help from climate change? My heart sees tears in my eyes!

Desire what my friend!
The storm is held deep within!
When will arrive silence from relief?
This all seems to be an unending grief!

Tears don’t refine the hearts,
Emotions fail to define the state,
We are in search of roof!
Let the sky look no further for dreams!

Let the sky understand our grieves,
May eternal bliss be felt deep within!
Let there be hope with no doubts left for pray!
I am rehearsing Perfection on Earth!

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change research: I am still at task!

I could not research!
Yes! I failed!
Holding tight my fist with destiny,
I look for freedom from cage!

Who cared for me?
Who kissed me good dreams?
I am listening to emotions,
When time demands science for relief!

I am not a human?
Don’t call me human again!
I failed! Yes! I failed again!
In the difficulty of storms, I failed!

In the volcanoes that erupt, I failed!
I failed to understand earthquakes!
I failed so many times and through so many reasons!
I failed the science and scriptures!

But then I will succeed!
I am still on task!
Don’t call my failure a defeat!
I am still at task!

Hope will shine from deep within!
Don’t call my death a fall!
For to rise there will always be human beings!
From corners of world!

From bottom of earth!
From up the sky!
The colour of sciences
Shall shine!

In the glory of science!
I too shall smile!
Don’t call “attempts” a failure!
I am still at task!

I am still at task!

Written by Ekta Kalra

Environment doesn’t alter life without getting altered by life…

Did we alter the environment?
Did environment alter us?
What environment it was when we applied science for wrong?
What science it was that made the environment go wrong?
Should we depart from our right to be wrong?
Should we not try with fear of harming life?
Are we those creatures who destruct?
Who created a home for me?
Who created a tomb for me?
Who saved me from illness?
I am mad at science’s which lesson?
I am happy about what in science?
Please enrol me in riches of nature,
I wish to smile with hope for earth! 🙂

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: A poetry from a heart to the hearts

Climate thirsty eyes,
Looks for relief around,
Everything far and near that surrounds
Has no rhythmic sound.

Where have we fallen apart?
How will relief arise?
Vision is hurt by lack of knowledge,
Intelligence holds big dreams.

Will many never smile?
Will the land turn infertile?
Arctic melts the eyes
There is little sign of lack of grief.

Hold me tight in your arms
Nature hold me straight in your charm,
Whisper a way to relief in my ears,
I am looking for joys real.

God step in your kingdom,
Man was designed for a reason,
Why am I whispering emotions,
When time is for logic alone and reason.

Feeling sorry for the storms,
Melting of eyes and ice,
Hurt by the volcanoes,
I look for relief from my soul’s power within.

Please help us O! Aliens!
We are your carers if saved,
Can we not be taught to stand?
Much science drives us insane.

With the same science we designed death,
Dearth and decay are suspicious,
Please love us with hope for life,
We humans too wish to survive.

The temperature is rising up and above,
Tears moving deep within,
No science is supporting our mind,
We are in search of solution.

Please help us,
Support us,
Love us,
Can we ask for little if not more?

Let there be hope for us,
We humans love to smile,
Let there be sane science
In the hands of wise.

I am holding my dreams within,
Writing from soul in dreams,
Will my dreams be real?
Will there be joys for us in real?

In store are many a miracles,
A miracle more my Lord!
I will hold my fate tight in fist,
Let there is be hope for all!

Let there be hope for all!

Written by Ekta Kalra

A new hope to save the planet

Since the Industrial Revolution the oceans have absorbed approximately one-half (almost 525 billion tons) of human-released CO2 emissions. Where on one hand this has moderated effect of greenhouse gas emissions, it is chemically changing marine ecosystems to the extent of 100 times more rapidly than it has changed in the last 650,000 years. Due to the absorption of massive amounts of carbon dioxide, the pH (a measure of acidity) in ocean surface waters has decreased by almost 30%. As CO2 gets dissolved in the ocean the water there becomes more and more acidic. The acidic oceans are a threat to the climatic conditions of the globe in several ways.

I hereby propose that such bacteria which convert acidity to alkalinity should be put in millions in the ocean to solve the problem of acidity existing there. And to reduce CO2 in atmosphere the micro biome of land should be changed by multiplying those micro organisms which convert CO2 to more acceptable form. The micro organisms selected for changing the micro biome of land should be from land and not ocean. Just like the micro organisms selected for changing the micro biome of ocean should be from ocean and not land. Research should be done to find out those microbes which absorb heat and have a cooling effect in the ocean and on the land. A layer of microbes on clathrates (or cathrates) might also help resolve the problem of methane.

A note on the bacteria: There are methanotrophs (also called methanophiles) which are prokaryotes and are able to metabolize methane as their only source of energy and carbon. They can grow anaerobically or aerobically and require single-carbon compounds for survival. In case of aerobic conditions, methanotrophs combine methane and oxygen to form formaldehyde, which then gets incorporated in organic compounds by RuMP pathway or serine pathway. The Type I methanotrophs are a part of the Gammaproteobacteria and they utilize the ribulose monophosphate (RuMP) pathway for the assimilation of carbon. On the other hand, type II methanotrophs are part of the Alphaproteobacteria and make use of the Serine pathway to assimilate carbon. Characteristically they also have a system of internal membranes using which methane oxidation takes place. Methanotrophs mostly occur in soils, and are especially more common in the proximity of environments where methane is produced. Their habitats include underground environments, mud, oceans, marshes, rice paddies, soils, and landfills.

Genetically modified plants to deal with the problem of air pollution

To study what pollution will do to plants and what plants will do to pollution.
In a laboratory room specially chosen for the study a high pollution environment will be created. The high pollution level will be created in the complete room in such a manner that the high pollution remains. In the same high pollution environment the plants and trees will be cultivated. All other conditions being same except for the high pollution level. Another addition that can be done is that a transparent (sunlight can pass) artificially created thin layer of very high pollution can be created around each leaf of the plant. Rubbing of pollution on leaves and observing its effect. The rubbing of pollution can be done by artificially produced high wind in a high pollution environment.
Humans didn’t teach plants that they should convert CO2 to O2. They learnt it from nature, circumstances and from the desire to survive and let survive. Plants (somewhere in the genetic structure) understood that if they don’t convert CO2 to O2 then they won’t survive and nobody will survive. So in high pollution area of the laboratory the genetic nature of the plants will teach them to survive by some method. The nature might make changes in the plants (may be they might start absorbing pollution gases or maybe they might precipitate them).
Before malaria was there, the plants started producing quinine. This means somewhere in the structure of nature the plants were aware that malaria will come up as a disease and can end life. The remedy to find solution for the problem arising from pollution (to fight diseases and disorders) will also be present in plants say after 100 years. We can fasten the process and see if plants are synthesizing such chemicals that can fight pollution.
We can also study the plants in India since India is a high pollution area and find out if there have been any physical changes in the plants. We can then look for chemical changes based on the physical changes. Physical changes in plants can tell about chemical changes because as per the ‘nature’ plants would like to communicate to humans that there have been changes in them from which humans can benefit. This is the law of nature.
Results might show-
· The plants grown in such an environment might form a protective layer around themselves.
· The seeds of the plants might have undergone evolutionary changes or biological changes because of high pollution. Documenting those changes and coming up with adaptable models (new types of seeds) of plants.
1. Will leaves with “enhanced ability” to deal with CO2 be born?
2. Will plants to deal with “exceptional ability” to deal with environmental changes be born?
If positive changes are made then plant these new seeds for a better future.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra