Do oceans need a doctor?

A short discussion worth a thoughtful read:

1. This the season to be getting the cold and flu.
2. But is it possible for the bacteria and viruses that infect us so easily to get sick themselves?
3. In 1917, a microbiologist working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered what he described as an invisible, antagonistic microbe that had a parasitic relationship with bacteria. He called it a bacteriophage (from phagein, “to eat”), a virus that infects bacteria.


Some thoughts:

1. Can bacteriophage affect ocean microbes?
2. Can bacteriophage affect soil microbes?
3. Do oceans and soil also need doctors?
4. An infection to human body needs an antibiotic or antiviral?
5. Do the oceans and soil heal by itself?
6. Do oceans and soil need antibiotics or antiviral?
7. What if the illness spreads to marine plants and animals?
8. What if oceans die due to lack of proper medication?
9. Is microbiologist the physician for oceans and land?
10. What are the symptoms of illness?
11. Is excess heat or fever the first symptom of ocean and land illness?
12. Is cold chill the symptom of bacterias’ infection?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Do trees need spiritual counsellors?

Burning of forests! Today’s uninterrupted natural sin!

Can counsellors resolve this issue? Can trees breathe in emotions and thoughts like the human head and heart?

Can we teach forests safety lessons? Can thoughts that circulate through the air create its mark on land?

Do trees need counsellors? Lessons from spiritual leaders can it strengthen the trees base?

Can we alter or strengthen the natural world through OM chanting? Or does nature’s proven law works for only humans?

Is it that in olden days trees actually had spiritual counsellors and therefore forests survived longer?

If we counsel trees they might resist burning or at least be more able to face the traumas.

Microbes can learn too! Can they?

Trees can listen to words. Humans don’t get that burned if they decide not to. Is this true for trees?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Love me! Support my cause!

Who climbed the stairs alone?
Was there below or above no support?
Why are you smiling alone?
Is your joy without a companion just alone?

Why don’t you befriend me?
Is life strange to enfold?
I need no knowledge of your qualification.
I love reasoning the new and old.

I love every brother
I protect every sister.
I don’t ask for solutions to my problems
I believe in resolving issues of others.

You can cast your shadow down
Or you can climb tall stairs
I will be there with you
Wherever you stand fair or unfair.

Is it love that I talk about?
I address it in climate change.
As an activist I work with people
For them to support the role I play.

I don’t ask for money
But don’t deny a support
I reason with intelligence
And protect every bit of Mother Earth.

Every tree for me is a family
Every animal my love
Every ant that moves with no fear of death
For me it’s protection should also be set.

I teach discipline
I support logic
I value work
I fight climate tragedy.

I enrol pupils
In study and research as well
I have a fading home
But I encourage a new hope.

I don’t travel much
I save in fuel.
I resist a change of home
I nurture strong emotional flow.

I carry the burden of globe
But you can see me smile
People like you when join
I exercise my time.

No one speaks to me with love,
At times all I get is hate.
Therefore when someone joins
I feel love within receiving range.

Facebook has brought home
Many a good friends.
I meet them when the time
Stands strong on both ends.

Will you also smile for earth?
And weep for earth as well?
Will you support the weak?
When life says that’s life’s worth?

Together we shall make earth.
Together we shall construct.
People don’t gather pace
We shall carry all hurt.

We won’t panic when sorrow drops in
We shall make another stand
Where trees bloom below the infinite sky
And stars are seen due to less polluting dreams.

Where waste or haste are sins
Where logic supports simple rhyme
Where pollution of even sound is banned
Where there is joy for all in sky and land.

We shall love and care alike
Build another shine
Let’s step in the light
We shall construct like shine.

This will be the earth with life.
This will be joy of universe’s sight
Obedience to love and care
We will have every forest alive.

No one will blame a sin
Humans will breathe limitations
Understanding the journey far from unrest.
We shall create a new hope for earth.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Facebook relates to my emotions…

I often cried when alone,
A comfort was shown
I rejoice on unseen throne
Facebook did that for me.

I rejoice and flow
When likes flow 
I surround with like minded people
Then no matter what border separates our living.

I see timelines of friends 
I cast notes of thanks 
I have emoticons for support 
When emotions flow.

I have friends from far west
I have loved ones from east 
I have loving groups that glorify
My mind with new dreams.

I don’t weep when alone 
I don’t sin as an alien 
I have my own belonging 
Facebook shines through me.

I encourage and get encouraged 
I smile and send shine
I get up early to wish hi
I resign late to feel the shy.

I don’t chat uneven
I ground my talk on learnings 
I understand different borders 
I play with rhymes dear.

As an activist I am spending 
Time on facebook alone for real 
I have changed many a lives 
Many living understand my fears.

Climate change is a hot topic
Caring for earth is dear 
All I stand to make on earth 
The shine and smiles real.

Children learn intelligence 
Adults cast support 
Youths no longer view the porn.
There is goodness in facebook’s flow.

I see reasoning and logic
Discussions that address fears
Solution of climate change 
Through facebook can be real.

Where brains meet the words 
And words engage new hope
Where there is no tragedy alone 
All share the discomfort blow.

Facebook did that for me
Facebook can do for you.
I am not into marketing
I am working for hope for you.

This is life 
This is shine
This is right 
This sight has joys for you.

Come join me on facebook!
And feel the heat of planet
Motivation to cultivate new trees
Will all stand firm on face.

This is the grace
Of the facebook I praise.
Life is reasoning 
Facebook has drawn in new human race.

Written by Ekta Kalra 

Is another activist dead?

Why did I react?
Strange to my eyes is life!
There is no place to design
But only roof is to quit the task to shine.

I have battled my way to existence
Carried from far the burden
As an activist I have tasted the dust
Climate change is more important than any life’s worth.

I have not slept for many nights
I have wept many a tears
Don’t know when I disobeyed God
But heaven didn’t protect my words worth.

I have known defeat and eaten dead
I have desired speech
But have been blamed for unrest
I know the sorrows that arise from crime

Can anyone understand?
Can anyone with me stand?
Can anyone listen to my silence?
I need no rest from unrest

All I need is action against climate change
Will a politician follow my path?
Is anyone in politics alive?
When will I stop talking to the dead?

Listen! Hey! You hear my heart!
Can you breathe like tree?
Why can’t you serve like tree?
Are you human like tree?

Hey! You hear we need to lower,
The carbon footprints are a sin
Shame on those who destruct
Will you believe in heal?

Hey! You don’t waste
Why buy another handset?
Please don’t travel for fun
Are you listening or have you left?

Who is here?
Tomb of many lives dead:
“We can listen!
But we are dead!”

“We cannot work
We cannot save
But we can feel
Climate change should be stopped by sane.”

Hey! How can I talk to the dead?
Why are my words not making sound?
Why is my heart unheard?
Is another activist dead?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: Will a good politician be born? Part II

Why did I tremble with fear?
Will I never be strong to stand?
Though I always had a stand
Will I always be indulged in defeats?

Did politicians make our world?
Was this tree and soil
Creation of some politics in place?
Is my emotions needing their permission to express?

Tears resemble pain
A lot of them creates floods
Who is listening to my heart?
I am alone when politics smiles real.

I am an activist of climate change
Weakened by blows of life
I stand to cry alone
When the world goes to sleep.

I don’t cast vote
But the elected one rules me
My every emotion is hurt
By the elected one whom I did reject.

This is life or this is pain
Who will understand the same?
I am crying in my roof
When politics stands tall to make me fail.

People don’t care
They believe in waste
The God doesn’t step in
I am all alone in this game.

Will someone understand?
Will a good politician be born?
Can my dreams also be real?
Will ever I too will smile from heart?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: Can a good politician be born?

I am still writing 
Don’t know what difference it is making 
Politicians are standing tall
There is everywhere pain installed.

No one listens to an activist 
Then why do they write at all
Is mercy and understanding dead
In the world that practices unrest?

Another blow of climate change 
The heat turns wild 
Hundreds died of sun stroke 
Each nation struggling for its survival.

Children are affected by diseases 
Where there was future there is pain 
No one alone for blame 
No nation alone in this tale.

The globe is affected by heat 
When youth move blind to chill.
Floods occupy the outer space 
When adults believe in waste. 

Politicians do nothing 
Rich ones are safe
Poor ones face the traumas 
Better ones too deserve the blame.

Activist discovers peace 
Through service for globe 
Others travel wild 
Pleasure is today’s life search. 

No one aims to fulfil 
The dream seen unseen 
The sorrow is not just that we are losing 
The pain is dying along with all.

Who will understand?
Who will serve?
Who will step in?
Can a good politician be born?

Written by Ekta Kalra 

An activist is born…

Another one died
The population remained fixed
Who notices a slight change?
Did this encourage misfit?

Climate change is happening
It is no illusion
How many in political stand?
Will this ever understand?

Here walks a child
Weakened with the climate blow
Smiling but not happy
He carries disease in his fold.

Another flood comes and go
The trauma remains
Who feels the pain?
When world is mad to self entertain.

There is no where logic
Scientists weep in tears
Politics stands tall
All other disputes fade.

No one understands the pain
No one touches the sane
In the insanity of music
The time again flows.

So you think we are designing success
When businesses are run
When motors are made
When metros are born.

Another city blooms
But on what cost?
Another flood just in case
Will there be peace in place?

I stand as emotional
Feeling the heat
Healing from flood
An activist who cares.

Why was I born?
Less carbon would have helped
Should I end self in peace?
Thinking the world shall save on me.

But then I stand to help
Support the world insane
Not in the running insanity
But in the silent compromises.

Why can’t we quit desires?
Why buy another dream?
Why have a mobile new?
When world demands relief.

Why can’t I nurture good thought?
Why can’t I rejoice in peace?
Why travel so far?
In search of joys within reach.

Why see the world for fun?
Why have fun?
When seriousness affects.
Let’s create our temples in heart.

Let’s worship God in thoughts
Let’s care for nature through actions
Let’s love and smile for others
Let’s climb the stairs,

Let’s walk our way
Let’s share the car
Let’s not drive fast
Let’s be strong.

Let’s be logically correct
Helping the finite earth
Peace dwells within reach
Let’s not travel in search.

Let’s lower our carbon footprints
Let’s not fulfil dreams
Let’s be happy with fulfilled needs
Let’s have practice of good believes

Let’s be correct
Let’s also correct
If politics fails to help
Let’s have our own stand of care.

Let nature be all there
Let’s not construct
Let’s dwell in small
Love needs no boundaries.

Let’s create one planet again
Where there are no wars
Where bombs don’t pollute
Where rich don’t suppress

Where wants are low
But love is held high
This is my roof
This is your home

Smile because love is our goal
Goodness our role
And to care for nature
Our biggest throne.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Good news needs initiatives: Microbes can be industrially produced and deleted as well

Some queries:

1. If microbes can be produced industrially then they can also be deleted industrially. Right?
2. This means microbes can be “controlled” industrially.
3. The future depends on microbes so the future will be decided by which industry we set up.
4. Control which microbe my scientific friend?
5. Delete which microbe and multiply which one?
6. Knowledge of benefits and harms can speak a lot about it.
7. Knowledge will be dependent on number of microbes and number will decide benefit or harm level.
8. Will tomorrow see a new sunrise with microbes controlling the uncontrolled?
9. Will there be hundreds of industries tomorrow controlling methane, CO2 through microbes?
10. Will every gas molecule multiplying in air seek permission from microbial industry set up there?
11. Can industry so develop?
12. Desire to live asks for research.

Thank you!

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Will next doom come from leakage of microbes used in industrial production?

Some questions, some thoughts, microbes cannot be easily lost…

1. Do we know the quantity? Of what quantity are we talking about here?
2. Do we know the variety of what kinds or types are we talking about here?
3. Microbes leaking in the environment in huge numbers. Do we know the deletion of an act like this?
4. An age to delete microbial leakage…Will earth ever have so much time?
5. Will a microbial death come before earth’s natural decay?
6. Ruled by the big powers next will small microbes dominate our world?
7. Who will be blamed? Scientists who give life to health and death to illness will bring about an unpredictable global end?
8. Will this cast dark shadows of microbes on oceans and air?
9. Will microbes travel faster than Internet?
10. Will there be a microbial end and decay of life through speed of light?
11. Industrial production they talk about. Industrial means HUGE. The rest game is played by microbes which multiply soon.
12. Engineering will create a greater hazard than good when changed microbes will change the face of earth.
13. This is the end.
14. Microbial death.

Reference for study:

Researched by Ekta Kalra