Energy production for earthquakes and floods, etc

I have an important question. Important because I have studied this unthought topic since long.
“Pipal” tree. It is worshiped in India. This trees grabs the space and food of other trees. I myself observed that birds don’t like living on it if other choices are available.
Near to Pipal tree there is barren land. A lady explained that’s because it needs a lot of resources.
Since many days I am thinking only on this line.
I know I can be discouraged by other groups therefore thought of sharing out here with a hope that someone can understand.
We “accept” energy and we also “give out” energy.

Energy can be either positive or negative.

Tell me why a plant giving out negative energy be worshipped?

So many earth quakes, floods, etc. Energy is being generated on earth itself. It seems less likely that energy is being poured from the sky.

Tell me why? From where is so much negative energy coming from?

Answer me why should I worship it?

Arya Samaj the most pious form of Hindhusim believes in worshipping it.


From where is energy coming from?

Somewhere the energy is being growing?

Without energy I cannot hold a pen how will I write a hypothesis?

Researched by Ekta Kalra