An activist is born…

Another one died
The population remained fixed
Who notices a slight change?
Did this encourage misfit?

Climate change is happening
It is no illusion
How many in political stand?
Will this ever understand?

Here walks a child
Weakened with the climate blow
Smiling but not happy
He carries disease in his fold.

Another flood comes and go
The trauma remains
Who feels the pain?
When world is mad to self entertain.

There is no where logic
Scientists weep in tears
Politics stands tall
All other disputes fade.

No one understands the pain
No one touches the sane
In the insanity of music
The time again flows.

So you think we are designing success
When businesses are run
When motors are made
When metros are born.

Another city blooms
But on what cost?
Another flood just in case
Will there be peace in place?

I stand as emotional
Feeling the heat
Healing from flood
An activist who cares.

Why was I born?
Less carbon would have helped
Should I end self in peace?
Thinking the world shall save on me.

But then I stand to help
Support the world insane
Not in the running insanity
But in the silent compromises.

Why can’t we quit desires?
Why buy another dream?
Why have a mobile new?
When world demands relief.

Why can’t I nurture good thought?
Why can’t I rejoice in peace?
Why travel so far?
In search of joys within reach.

Why see the world for fun?
Why have fun?
When seriousness affects.
Let’s create our temples in heart.

Let’s worship God in thoughts
Let’s care for nature through actions
Let’s love and smile for others
Let’s climb the stairs,

Let’s walk our way
Let’s share the car
Let’s not drive fast
Let’s be strong.

Let’s be logically correct
Helping the finite earth
Peace dwells within reach
Let’s not travel in search.

Let’s lower our carbon footprints
Let’s not fulfil dreams
Let’s be happy with fulfilled needs
Let’s have practice of good believes

Let’s be correct
Let’s also correct
If politics fails to help
Let’s have our own stand of care.

Let nature be all there
Let’s not construct
Let’s dwell in small
Love needs no boundaries.

Let’s create one planet again
Where there are no wars
Where bombs don’t pollute
Where rich don’t suppress

Where wants are low
But love is held high
This is my roof
This is your home

Smile because love is our goal
Goodness our role
And to care for nature
Our biggest throne.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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