A carbon fee doesn’t reduce the stain of sin

So applying a fee is a good idea!
So let’s do a thing..
The youth who drink two bottles of wine in a day should work for 4 hours a day to save money for treatment.
The youth who drinks 4 bottles of wine a day should work for 8 hours a day to save money for liver transplant.
If you take drugs you should work 16 hours to save for hospitalisation.
You can move free to kill a man if you can help educate his child!
A sin has a solution!
Are we preaching religion or discussing science!
Occupy which land my friend for the sin of pollution!
Where to move free?
We are hurting the earth and then helping her out!
What if I think it fit to slap a lady and then give two kisses on each cheek?
Sin has no solution it should be stopped!
You cannot escape the wound casted on earth! Can you? Move safe! What you used to wound the earth will move first to hurt you! Good luck with laws!

BTW how many years ago the act of murder was a crime? How many more murders these days? The world needs a complete stop not a way out of sin!

What do you think?

Can I burn someone’s home please with the surety that I will help him build a palace? The loss can be recovered? The end can see new day? Who knows the truth that this will be the last day of your life when I burn the home and there will be no room in life for a palace?

Written by Ekta Kalra