Ground breaking solution to ocean problem, Arctic and forest fires

1. Homa Therapy is the name of that solution.
2. The ash has the ability to lower body temperature.
3. The ash works by affecting the microbes in the body which in turn lower body temperature.
4. If the ash is added to ocean then it will lower its temperature.
5. The ash will multiply good microbes in the ocean and kill the bad microbes.
6. The effect of ash on microbes and other biotic forms in the ocean will lower temperature. Remember physical, chemical and biological agents in the ocean are all interrelated.
7. If the ash is added in the water adjacent to ice in the Arctic it will lower the temperature of water. The cooled water won’t allow the ice to melt.
8. More leaves means more rain. Ash can multiply the number of leaves and also increase the life span of leaves. It can help the soil hold water. It can cool the area and thereby prevent forest fires. It can also help in rain and solve the problem of dryness.
9. Homa therapy the ultimate solution!

Please note: The above written text comprises mainly of my understanding and the theories based on it. It needs to be researched further and aggressively dealt with.

Thank you!

Written and researched by Ekta Kalra