Energy production for earthquakes and floods, etc

I have an important question. Important because I have studied this unthought topic since long.
“Pipal” tree. It is worshiped in India. This trees grabs the space and food of other trees. I myself observed that birds don’t like living on it if other choices are available.
Near to Pipal tree there is barren land. A lady explained that’s because it needs a lot of resources.
Since many days I am thinking only on this line.
I know I can be discouraged by other groups therefore thought of sharing out here with a hope that someone can understand.
We “accept” energy and we also “give out” energy.

Energy can be either positive or negative.

Tell me why a plant giving out negative energy be worshipped?

So many earth quakes, floods, etc. Energy is being generated on earth itself. It seems less likely that energy is being poured from the sky.

Tell me why? From where is so much negative energy coming from?

Answer me why should I worship it?

Arya Samaj the most pious form of Hindhusim believes in worshipping it.


From where is energy coming from?

Somewhere the energy is being growing?

Without energy I cannot hold a pen how will I write a hypothesis?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Homa therapy – The struggle for climate change solution ends here

1. Homa therapy has proven to be of help in rivers and tanks.
2. Has proven to improve the quality of water.
3. Solution to problems in river have already been solved with Homa ash.
4. Homa therapy can affect microbes of oceans.
5. Health of marine animals like fish can be confirmed through it.
6. Homa therapy ash is the ultimate solution.
7. The struggle for want of climate change solution ends here.
8. We are helping multiply “all” good microbes in oceans just by one addition of Homa ash.
9. There can be no other way in geo engineering where a microbe is dealt with separately.
10. One answer to all problems in oceans – Homa Therapy.

Written and research by Ekta Kalra

Ground breaking solution to ocean problem, Arctic and forest fires

1. Homa Therapy is the name of that solution.
2. The ash has the ability to lower body temperature.
3. The ash works by affecting the microbes in the body which in turn lower body temperature.
4. If the ash is added to ocean then it will lower its temperature.
5. The ash will multiply good microbes in the ocean and kill the bad microbes.
6. The effect of ash on microbes and other biotic forms in the ocean will lower temperature. Remember physical, chemical and biological agents in the ocean are all interrelated.
7. If the ash is added in the water adjacent to ice in the Arctic it will lower the temperature of water. The cooled water won’t allow the ice to melt.
8. More leaves means more rain. Ash can multiply the number of leaves and also increase the life span of leaves. It can help the soil hold water. It can cool the area and thereby prevent forest fires. It can also help in rain and solve the problem of dryness.
9. Homa therapy the ultimate solution!

Please note: The above written text comprises mainly of my understanding and the theories based on it. It needs to be researched further and aggressively dealt with.

Thank you!

Written and researched by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: Did the Biosphere do that?

Did the Biosphere do that?
Does the Biosphere forming such a small percentage of earth is fully responsible for climate change?
Are we neglecting the power of crust and core of earth?
Are we neglecting the larger portion of earth which is not the one forming the biosphere?
Did this larger portion influence the biosphere or did this larger portion get influenced by the biosphere?
Who controls what?
Just 5% of the earth controls the remaining 95% of earth!
Unbelievable but is it true?
What we didn’t explore?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Is water vapour the violent part of hurricanes?

1. Can hurricanes be controlled by water molecules absorption present in the air?
2. Do water molecules make the air that active?
3. Do water molecules provide that speed to the air molecules?
4. Is there any absorption of otherwise active air molecules taking place due to presence of water?
5. Is water vapour the violent part of hurricanes?
6. Can pillars constructed for the quick absorption of water molecules in air be constructed for protection from hurricanes?
7. Do water vapour act more violent in presence of certain types of microbes in the air?
8. Is microbe playing a greater role in hurricanes than we have judged so far?
9. Are microbes able to interact with atmospheric energies? This means both absorption and emission of energies.

Please discuss below.

Thank you!

Written by Ekta Kalra

Can lightening have something to do with conversion of water vapour to rain?

Some questions:

1. Can lightening withdraw the heat from water vapour and the remaining is liquid rain?
2. How are fire and rain related?
3. Is lightening or fire doing the major job of causing rain?
4. Can we try doing hawans with fire alone as the major ingredient and no other seeding to assure that it’s fire alone that has the strength to cause rain?
5. How can one prove?
6. Does fire has the capacity to get converted to lightening even on a future date?
7. If fire affects water vapour and water then how fire and lightening affect rain?
8. A hawan just with fire in the centre can help resolve it? Can it?
9. Are forest fires the cause of floods?

Thank you!

Questions by Ekta Kalra