Climate change: A feeling or a thought?

Why am I feeling emotions?
Why this pain doesn’t end?
Why there is need for help?
Why logic fails to confess?

Why another flood?
Another earthquake?
Another fire broke,
Next could be our home.

Why this silence in action?
Why this loud speech?
I am hurt deep within,
When will arrive relief?

Why emotions stand unheard?
Why politicians’ stand is heard?
Why am I free to waste?
Why am I caged to act safe?

Why the world is weeping?
Yet no sound in heard.
Who in politics is breathing?
Why there is less oxygen for words?

Why people don’t understand?
Why humans don’t step in?
Why am I hurt within?
When will arrive relief?

Will earth be diseased?
Will prescription left unaddressed?
Will no one lower carbon emissions?
No matter how big is the unrest.

Why was I born in misfit?
A child questioned my human being.
I am too sad in believing
That for humans waste is need.

Will no one understand?
Will no one support?
Will logic be always suppressed?
Will tomb be earth’s new home?

Where is hope?
Where is shine?
Let me see a glimpse of pleasant surprise.
Let there be smile on earth’s innocent face.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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