Climate change: A poetry from a heart to the hearts

Climate thirsty eyes,
Looks for relief around,
Everything far and near that surrounds
Has no rhythmic sound.

Where have we fallen apart?
How will relief arise?
Vision is hurt by lack of knowledge,
Intelligence holds big dreams.

Will many never smile?
Will the land turn infertile?
Arctic melts the eyes
There is little sign of lack of grief.

Hold me tight in your arms
Nature hold me straight in your charm,
Whisper a way to relief in my ears,
I am looking for joys real.

God step in your kingdom,
Man was designed for a reason,
Why am I whispering emotions,
When time is for logic alone and reason.

Feeling sorry for the storms,
Melting of eyes and ice,
Hurt by the volcanoes,
I look for relief from my soul’s power within.

Please help us O! Aliens!
We are your carers if saved,
Can we not be taught to stand?
Much science drives us insane.

With the same science we designed death,
Dearth and decay are suspicious,
Please love us with hope for life,
We humans too wish to survive.

The temperature is rising up and above,
Tears moving deep within,
No science is supporting our mind,
We are in search of solution.

Please help us,
Support us,
Love us,
Can we ask for little if not more?

Let there be hope for us,
We humans love to smile,
Let there be sane science
In the hands of wise.

I am holding my dreams within,
Writing from soul in dreams,
Will my dreams be real?
Will there be joys for us in real?

In store are many a miracles,
A miracle more my Lord!
I will hold my fate tight in fist,
Let there is be hope for all!

Let there be hope for all!

Written by Ekta Kalra

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