Climate change: An unheard activist

What should I write?
Why should I write?
Who shall read it?
When shall it be read?

Will politicians listen?
Will they never read?
Will every activist
Move Unknown, unheard?

What a pain?
What a sin?
What a disrepute
Humans are wasting?

I am one of them
I am none of them
I am alone in them
No one hears my words

Who to blame?
Why to blame?
There is a lot of curse
On high profile face

The sins are gathered
The sins are discovered
The earth is rooted
From its deepest worth

This is death
Or this is life
I am rejoicing in peace
No bigger surprise.

Things won’t change
Things will repeat
The joy of pain
Will hurt every living being

Earth to save
Earth to relieve
I am acknowledging success
They are designing another defeat

Let there be peace
Let there be success
Let there be caring touch
For nature all within reach.

This is no dream.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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