Climate change: Can a good politician be born?

I am still writing 
Don’t know what difference it is making 
Politicians are standing tall
There is everywhere pain installed.

No one listens to an activist 
Then why do they write at all
Is mercy and understanding dead
In the world that practices unrest?

Another blow of climate change 
The heat turns wild 
Hundreds died of sun stroke 
Each nation struggling for its survival.

Children are affected by diseases 
Where there was future there is pain 
No one alone for blame 
No nation alone in this tale.

The globe is affected by heat 
When youth move blind to chill.
Floods occupy the outer space 
When adults believe in waste. 

Politicians do nothing 
Rich ones are safe
Poor ones face the traumas 
Better ones too deserve the blame.

Activist discovers peace 
Through service for globe 
Others travel wild 
Pleasure is today’s life search. 

No one aims to fulfil 
The dream seen unseen 
The sorrow is not just that we are losing 
The pain is dying along with all.

Who will understand?
Who will serve?
Who will step in?
Can a good politician be born?

Written by Ekta Kalra 

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