Is another activist dead?

Why did I react?
Strange to my eyes is life!
There is no place to design
But only roof is to quit the task to shine.

I have battled my way to existence
Carried from far the burden
As an activist I have tasted the dust
Climate change is more important than any life’s worth.

I have not slept for many nights
I have wept many a tears
Don’t know when I disobeyed God
But heaven didn’t protect my words worth.

I have known defeat and eaten dead
I have desired speech
But have been blamed for unrest
I know the sorrows that arise from crime

Can anyone understand?
Can anyone with me stand?
Can anyone listen to my silence?
I need no rest from unrest

All I need is action against climate change
Will a politician follow my path?
Is anyone in politics alive?
When will I stop talking to the dead?

Listen! Hey! You hear my heart!
Can you breathe like tree?
Why can’t you serve like tree?
Are you human like tree?

Hey! You hear we need to lower,
The carbon footprints are a sin
Shame on those who destruct
Will you believe in heal?

Hey! You don’t waste
Why buy another handset?
Please don’t travel for fun
Are you listening or have you left?

Who is here?
Tomb of many lives dead:
“We can listen!
But we are dead!”

“We cannot work
We cannot save
But we can feel
Climate change should be stopped by sane.”

Hey! How can I talk to the dead?
Why are my words not making sound?
Why is my heart unheard?
Is another activist dead?

Written by Ekta Kalra

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