Climate change: Is there a predictable end?

Cater to the desires of senses
Humans stands alone on globe to cause misfit.
There is no need but desire,
Things are bought for pleasure.

Why should this so happen?
Why selfishness occupies every face?
Why is there so much thirst of monetary?
So much sin of wants…

Earth weeps in silent tears,
Globe trembles in grief.
Majority smiles when wants are satisfied,
Few struggle to bring in peace.

There is a culture of selfishness,
Repute of rich,
Poor weeps tears for food
While rich has greed.

Who should be blamed?
For the corrupt human race.
Is this God’s good image?
In who’s image were humans made?

Silent my questions
In the shade of love and peace
Ask for justice,
Will world never weep for the misfit?

Will climate change be an inevitable reality?
Will we fall on our knees?
Will we never stand to smile?
Will our children suffer wounds of my dreams?

Who will penetrate in mind?
The desire is the lust.
There is shadow of logic on ground
And dreams occupy the dust.

Whom to explain and how?
Whom to enrol the crown?
Let there be peace and light?
We are held in schedule tight.

If not now then when?
What if humans don’t repent?
What if humans cast shadows of extremism?
Is there a predictable end?

Written by Ekta Kalra

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