Climate change: Let our children too bloom!

Just a roof of sky!
Just a smile for life’s remaining hours!
Just the earth to call ours!
In the universe that dwells out of reach,

We are not asking for a star for each,
Just a relief from climatic wounds,
Our children too deserve to bloom!
Our children do not deserve a doom!

What more are we asking from Divine?
Why are our prayers so far from Divine’s working table?
Why not we deserve smiles in earth’s every mile?
Am I asking more?

Climate wounds my soul, Divine!
Is complaining too a sin?
Is crying a sin?
Then why smiling in an odd hour not a sin?

Why should we not be told the secrets of our globe?
You have universe my Lord!
We have just one earth!
We might not even have that for some reason!

Can we not be ensured life?
Why success is so ill defined for humans?
Why tears matter not to the soul of shine?
Please nurture us as a family member…

We are children of Divine.
And to His glory we ask for life!
Just life and with it a few smiles!
Our little miles will shine with light!

Catch our emotions flow!
Feel the rock and roll!
We humans sin I know!
We humans love may Divine be shown!

Just a touch of joys from you!
I am listening to whispers of survival!
Another earthquake that shivers emotions!
The cracks on soil of heart!

Save us from these with love!
Alter not the stand of emotions!
Justify the deeds of evil not good!
Let our children too bloom!

Written by Ekta Kalra

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