Climate change research: I am still at task!

source I could not research!
Yes! I failed!
Holding tight my fist with destiny,
I look for freedom from cage! binären optionen erfahrung Who cared for me?
Who kissed me good dreams?
I am listening to emotions,
When time demands science for relief! I am not a human?
Don’t call me human again!
I failed! Yes! I failed again!
In the difficulty of storms, I failed!

click here In the volcanoes that erupt, I failed!
I failed to understand earthquakes!
I failed so many times and through so many reasons!
I failed the science and scriptures!

go site But then I will succeed!
I am still on task!
Don’t call my failure a defeat!
I am still at task!

source url Hope will shine from deep within!
Don’t call my death a fall!
For to rise there will always be human beings!
From corners of world! From bottom of earth!
From up the sky!
The colour of sciences
Shall shine!

go site In the glory of science!
I too shall smile!
Don’t call “attempts” a failure!
I am still at task!

I am still at task!

enter Written by Ekta Kalra

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