Climate change: Will a good politician be born? Part II

Why did I tremble with fear?
Will I never be strong to stand?
Though I always had a stand
Will I always be indulged in defeats?

Did politicians make our world?
Was this tree and soil
Creation of some politics in place?
Is my emotions needing their permission to express?

Tears resemble pain
A lot of them creates floods
Who is listening to my heart?
I am alone when politics smiles real.

I am an activist of climate change
Weakened by blows of life
I stand to cry alone
When the world goes to sleep.

I don’t cast vote
But the elected one rules me
My every emotion is hurt
By the elected one whom I did reject.

This is life or this is pain
Who will understand the same?
I am crying in my roof
When politics stands tall to make me fail.

People don’t care
They believe in waste
The God doesn’t step in
I am all alone in this game.

Will someone understand?
Will a good politician be born?
Can my dreams also be real?
Will ever I too will smile from heart?

Written by Ekta Kalra

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