Defeat resigned success

Master what my friend,
Misery rests in misfit,
Even when logic stands as intelligent,
Emotions drag self to dust.

I am hurt again by silence,
Will no one speak?
Is there a ear around?
Or is too missing.

I am not conversant with tactics
Let innocence weep
Are there people who understand tears?
Or is relief still just a dream?

Why should we believe in rest?
When in resting is no human peace.
Why should we not stand to shout?
Are any ears functioning around?

I am not casting my shadow on ground.
Why should I insult the soil?
My soul is hurt by reasons.
Is logic just a form of human pride?

Why no one listens?
Why no one speaks?
Why no one speaks to be listened?
Why no one listens to what we mean in speech?

Why no one acts?
Why no one reacts?
Why silence is worship?
When worship holds words.

Why should there be political power?
Why no human action holds the strength?
Is the common defeated before speech?
Is silence a new human creed?

Why should carbon emissions be lowered?
Who is asking for prove?
Infinity of logic in books.
Politicians stand as if nothing they understood.

Common weeps when floods arrives
Rich travels afar,
Politicians celebrate each day
There is pain but no unrest.

There is pain but no unrest my friend,
There is reason to decide our fate,
Not by another line on hand
But on hand that creates lines of permaculture on land.

I am not withdrawing self from defeat,
I am forgiving absence of goodness,
I am just asking for a bit of care,
Is love such a disputable action?

Why can’t we lower our footprints?
Why can’t we care of life?
Life of ours is precious.
But what in our eyes is earth?

We never listen to songs of truth.
We never resemble peace.
We forgive the land of knowledge,
And stand even in science as insane.

We cast shadow of unrest,
We disrupt peace,
We don’t ask for our needs,
We make desires our need.

We waste and chase
We hurt and wound
We cut the tree,
That had shade when stood.

We don’t think we are intelligent,
We think all our fools,
The logic of science flows deep within,
When we deny even good religious beliefs.

What is we fail?
What if we fail to win?
Will we win another logic,
That shall create our new defeat.

Let there be peace
Let there be rejoice.
Apply logic
Design love for right.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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