Do trees need spiritual counsellors?

Burning of forests! Today’s uninterrupted natural sin!

Can counsellors resolve this issue? Can trees breathe in emotions and thoughts like the human head and heart?

Can we teach forests safety lessons? Can thoughts that circulate through the air create its mark on land?

Do trees need counsellors? Lessons from spiritual leaders can it strengthen the trees base?

Can we alter or strengthen the natural world through OM chanting? Or does nature’s proven law works for only humans?

Is it that in olden days trees actually had spiritual counsellors and therefore forests survived longer?

If we counsel trees they might resist burning or at least be more able to face the traumas.

Microbes can learn too! Can they?

Trees can listen to words. Humans don’t get that burned if they decide not to. Is this true for trees?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

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