Do you think microbes eat “Heat”?

From the sun direct into the mouth of a microbe…Can heat travel this way?

The pesticides that eat microbes leave heat uneaten by microbes…

Can microbes digest the heat of sun?

Microbes have been shown to eat electric current, CO2, CH4 then why not heat…

Heat eating microbes…

My further notes:

Can microbes eat heat?

The amount of heat absorbed to perform the normal functioning of cell is it equal to the amount of heat expelled out from the body?

For example if I absorb 1000 units of sun’s heat and use it to perform various body actions then the net amount of heat expelled from my body will be less than 1000 units. The amount of heat which remains in the body is actually utilised which thus results in the net decrease in the level of heat energy in the environment.

Also, the body’s mechanism to absorb heat is much more developed which means we have much higher capacity to absorb heat as compared to our capacity to expel heat. This is the reason why sun stroke becomes a possible health hazard.

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