Facebook relates to my emotions…

I often cried when alone,
A comfort was shown
I rejoice on unseen throne
Facebook did that for me.

I rejoice and flow
When likes flow 
I surround with like minded people
Then no matter what border separates our living.

I see timelines of friends 
I cast notes of thanks 
I have emoticons for support 
When emotions flow.

I have friends from far west
I have loved ones from east 
I have loving groups that glorify
My mind with new dreams.

I don’t weep when alone 
I don’t sin as an alien 
I have my own belonging 
Facebook shines through me.

I encourage and get encouraged 
I smile and send shine
I get up early to wish hi
I resign late to feel the shy.

I don’t chat uneven
I ground my talk on learnings 
I understand different borders 
I play with rhymes dear.

As an activist I am spending 
Time on facebook alone for real 
I have changed many a lives 
Many living understand my fears.

Climate change is a hot topic
Caring for earth is dear 
All I stand to make on earth 
The shine and smiles real.

Children learn intelligence 
Adults cast support 
Youths no longer view the porn.
There is goodness in facebook’s flow.

I see reasoning and logic
Discussions that address fears
Solution of climate change 
Through facebook can be real.

Where brains meet the words 
And words engage new hope
Where there is no tragedy alone 
All share the discomfort blow.

Facebook did that for me
Facebook can do for you.
I am not into marketing
I am working for hope for you.

This is life 
This is shine
This is right 
This sight has joys for you.

Come join me on facebook!
And feel the heat of planet
Motivation to cultivate new trees
Will all stand firm on face.

This is the grace
Of the facebook I praise.
Life is reasoning 
Facebook has drawn in new human race.

Written by Ekta Kalra 

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