Good news needs initiatives: Microbes can be industrially produced and deleted as well

watch Some queries: 1. If microbes can be produced industrially then they can also be deleted industrially. Right? 2. This means microbes can be “controlled” industrially. macrodantin 100mg nitrofurantoin 3. The future depends on microbes so the future will be decided by which industry we set up. ampicillin sodium 75mg 4. Control which microbe my scientific friend? voltaren 50mg dragees 5. Delete which microbe and multiply which one?
6. Knowledge of benefits and harms can speak a lot about it.
7. Knowledge will be dependent on number of microbes and number will decide benefit or harm level.
8. Will tomorrow see a new sunrise with microbes controlling the uncontrolled?
9. Will there be hundreds of industries tomorrow controlling methane, CO2 through microbes?
10. Will every gas molecule multiplying in air seek permission from microbial industry set up there?
11. Can industry so develop?
12. Desire to live asks for research.

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