Is water vapour the violent part of hurricanes?

source link 1. Can hurricanes be controlled by water molecules absorption present in the air? 2. Do water molecules make the air that active? buy terramycin 3. Do water molecules provide that speed to the air molecules? buy hoodia 4. Is there any absorption of otherwise active air molecules taking place due to presence of water? confido buy 5. Is water vapour the violent part of hurricanes?
6. Can pillars constructed for the quick absorption of water molecules in air be constructed for protection from hurricanes?
7. Do water vapour act more violent in presence of certain types of microbes in the air?
8. Is microbe playing a greater role in hurricanes than we have judged so far?
9. Are microbes able to interact with atmospheric energies? This means both absorption and emission of energies.

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Written by Ekta Kalra