Justice to Soil

Emotions don’t happen in a moment
There is much going on in mind before
Sometimes the result of a defeat is an emotion
Sometimes the joy of making real a dream.

Thoughts don’t occupy the mind in a moment
There is much going on before.
Sometimes the soil smells the love from human
Sometimes the land fails to hold the dirt of development.

Land doesn’t fail in a day
There is much going on before
Sometimes humans use power of machines
And puncture the soil away.

No one did it in a moment
A history unwritten has been told
Has listened the soil the tale of no repair
Harm with which trees wept all days.

No one thought just in a moment
Humans have been evil since centuries that flow
Weeping stairs to success
Why I brought humans up there?

Why humans smelt a way?
Why humans with nature play?
Infinity of life lost on soil
Created a new home for self to begin?

This is no success
This is no development
This is no urbanisation
This is pain.

The death of soil
The weeping microbes
The crying trees
Have a different tale

If you would like to be told
Then come closer and stay
With nature you learn
Rest is end of good days.

Why did this happen?
Who did it and why?
Please have patience
Permaculture is at rise.

May be things shall turn better
Another Homa therapy mission shall arise
Soil will be loved again
But can we save from arriving crime?

War hurts land
Selfishness withers it far
So much of evil around
Where to start?

Caring for microbes
Loving the trees
May humans stand as one
Nature’s need be supreme.

Justice to soil
Touch of land
Courtesy to workers
May there be loving stand.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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