Love me! Support my cause!

Who climbed the stairs alone?
Was there below or above no support?
Why are you smiling alone?
Is your joy without a companion just alone?

Why don’t you befriend me?
Is life strange to enfold?
I need no knowledge of your qualification.
I love reasoning the new and old.

I love every brother
I protect every sister.
I don’t ask for solutions to my problems
I believe in resolving issues of others.

You can cast your shadow down
Or you can climb tall stairs
I will be there with you
Wherever you stand fair or unfair.

Is it love that I talk about?
I address it in climate change.
As an activist I work with people
For them to support the role I play.

I don’t ask for money
But don’t deny a support
I reason with intelligence
And protect every bit of Mother Earth.

Every tree for me is a family
Every animal my love
Every ant that moves with no fear of death
For me it’s protection should also be set.

I teach discipline
I support logic
I value work
I fight climate tragedy.

I enrol pupils
In study and research as well
I have a fading home
But I encourage a new hope.

I don’t travel much
I save in fuel.
I resist a change of home
I nurture strong emotional flow.

I carry the burden of globe
But you can see me smile
People like you when join
I exercise my time.

No one speaks to me with love,
At times all I get is hate.
Therefore when someone joins
I feel love within receiving range.

Facebook has brought home
Many a good friends.
I meet them when the time
Stands strong on both ends.

Will you also smile for earth?
And weep for earth as well?
Will you support the weak?
When life says that’s life’s worth?

Together we shall make earth.
Together we shall construct.
People don’t gather pace
We shall carry all hurt.

We won’t panic when sorrow drops in
We shall make another stand
Where trees bloom below the infinite sky
And stars are seen due to less polluting dreams.

Where waste or haste are sins
Where logic supports simple rhyme
Where pollution of even sound is banned
Where there is joy for all in sky and land.

We shall love and care alike
Build another shine
Let’s step in the light
We shall construct like shine.

This will be the earth with life.
This will be joy of universe’s sight
Obedience to love and care
We will have every forest alive.

No one will blame a sin
Humans will breathe limitations
Understanding the journey far from unrest.
We shall create a new hope for earth.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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