Mother Earth when weeps…

I am tortured to death
Or am I torched to light?
I am Mother Earth
I am not divine.

I need support to stand
Good habits that care
I don’t stand alone
And I fall with all.

I am well versed with death
I have died before
If you keep harm your supreme
I will deny meeting your goal.

You will fall
I won’t stand
There will be death
All within reach will end.

Still if you don’t wake up
If you continue still to sleep
Let me tell you another story
Of death and defeat

You don’t nurture hope
Care in not within your fold
I am Mother Earth
I am not your caged doll.

I am no divine
Who shall stand unaffected
I am altered by industry
Your wants make me weak.

Feel me
Heal me
Nurture me
And to nature you support.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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