My love is climate change

Busy in the daily schedule
I write less.
Is it that after a while
One feels the climate change pressure less?

Still repeating to self
The aim of life.
Will ever I shine?
More than me will my work bring smiles?

What I was searching for?
Where I have reached?
Emotions are delicate in consideration
What is called as relief?

Let life go
Let emotions flow.
My love is climate change
Forgive my unresponsive glow.

I am in search of solution
Consider me as an engaged youth.
Don’t cast on my heart
A shadow for love to redeem.

Do you know what is pain?
No youth’s pain for love must be bearable
As compared to climate change
Heal my heart to sanity.

Let me just feel climate change.
Let me just speak climate change.
Let me rehearse just emotions for same,
It’s the time to be blamed.

I am sane,
Or love is insane.
It matters how we work for climate change
Within the roof of meditative state.

Far from marriage in frame
I don’t work for fame,
I work to hide earth’s shame
Protect God’s good name.

Please let me work for my partner
My partner is climate change.
It runs in my blood
Shines in my eyes.

I need solution before next sunshine
I want to be a scientist not a saint
I work on climate change.
Day and night in thoughts of same

I welcome even death
If that’s life’s game
But cannot quit working
My love is climate change.

You need to wear my shoes
Smile like me not a youth
You need to work to serve
An activist is my worth.

Forgive me to be straight
Forgive me if hearts break
I cannot engage a human
Till my thirst is in climate change.

I don’t decide life’s events
Death too is not in my hands
But think your friend is dead
If you want me for anything more.

My life is for climate change
In no other work I enrol
My mind rests in research
When I say let all other love let go.

Peace shines from within
Love heals the spirit
The joy I get from working
Makes my soul rich.

I don’t chant God’s name
I am no more a religious sane
I believe even in the impossible
When I work beyond limits go.

Let me stand and play my role,
I am within reach of flow.
It’s an aim to make earth shine
Forgive me if it asks not for shrine.

I am not repeating innocence
I am understanding the depth
My heart has only one name
And that is climate change.

My love is climate change.
Forgive me if I am insane
How can a sane love?
I have loved a solution to save.

An activist I am.
A researcher I am.
My love is climate change.
No other love appeals my brain.

No other love enters my hearts door
I am reaching for earth’s goal
This is my new role,
Not less than a soldier I value it in fold.

Written by Ekta Kalra

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