News: Research says Microbe affects Microbe We have studied drug – drug interaction. One drug affects another drug. Similarly, one microbe affects another microbe. One microbe can compete with another microbe for food and air and thereby affect its multiplication. This is just one way how microbe affects microbe. The good thing about this finding is that the harmful microbes can be controlled by useful microbes. For example, methane producing microbes could be tomorrow controlled by this novel method of microbe-microbe interaction.

see What are your thoughts on these:

see 1. Microbes kill microbes
2. Microbes eat microbes

trading online come funziona For example, the microbes in the human gut are many times useful and good for the body. What happens when pathogenic microbes enter in? What happens to the useful microbes? Does the pathogenic microbes know that their survival will be difficult as long as helpful microbes are present? Do the pathogenic microbes first kill the useful microbes so as to establish their kingdom in the gut? Is there a constant fight in our body as well as the environment between pathogenic microbes and useful microbes?

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single stammtisch dorsten There are some more questions:
1. Can we strengthen the stand of useful microbes by supplying certain nutrients in the human body and thereby increasing immunity?
2. Can we strengthen the stand of useful microbes in the environment by making the conditions for their multiplication favourable?
3. Can we weaken the pathogenic microbes by deleting their overall food and air requirements? For example removing dead matter from ocean so that methane producing microbes don’t find space.
4. Can we selectively kill pathogenic microbes in environment? For example using garlic to selectively kill pathogenic microbes in human gut.

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