Style or Earth’s Plight?

So you walk straight,
Let’s walk zig zag.
You need to understand the style.
Let the earth suffer if that’s in its destiny!

You wear new clothes,
Have every year the mobile changed.
What about a travel abroad,
You need to have pride in colour and flavour.

Let the world have more floods,
If that’s in its destiny.
Let the charm of youth be loud,
Tattered and shattered dreams of parents make no sound.

Let there be a walk and a talk,
Let there be culture of entertainment,
Celebration of futile success be loud
Let there be joy that resembles pride.

I am hurt deep within,
Who guided the current youth?
In the shade of lust they smile
Weeps the innocent children unheard.

Why this world to defeat false grief?
Why real sorrow grows within?
Why this style and dial?
Why in every hand a mobile?

Earth is burdened by unrest
There is no where peace heard,
I am crying in tears of unspoken words
Would I have been heard if at all I spoke first?

You won’t understand dust,
But my dreams today resemble you,
I am unethically an activist,
While ethically they stand to hurt.

Wounded on face,
Bleeding from front,
My Mother Earth stands in sorrow,
Sorrows unknown to human heart,

Unheard by human ears
Unfelt by logics wild flow
Will science save earth again?
I know it is not plague,

But I still hope for a play
When science smiles
Logic doesn’t weep,
There is trust built in intelligence,

And efficient is medaled with glory,
The earth is saved again,
Humans continue to breathe,
Pride rests in rightfulness,

Tell me religion why it’s wrong,
Why the one who sacrifices
Should continue to weep?
Why pride that is for rich?

Is wrong on the face of good deed?
I want to question the world,
The desire to know is never ending
But the dream to understand fails to accept silence.

Why God created a crippled earth?
Will God come to repair?
Hope smiles on religions’ face
While scientists follow a different race.

Will carbon emission be lowered?
Will God motivate humans?
Or will human questions be answered by divine
Where in earthquake is divine’s hand?

Will God begin to understand?
Will he step in on a future day?
Is he testing our patience?
Have we passed or failed.

Please God the creator
Understand the child weeping
On the face of flood
Save our brothers and sisters

To you we ask to be heard.
Hear our complaints
They are our pains.
We worship light,

Let there be joy in sight
Nurture us in care
In you our thoughts repair
Guide us through and through.

Yesterday we were
Are we not your children today?
Can relations be sacrificed in heavens?
Why no one opens the door of hope?

Please answer God
Why in this misfit
We are alone?
Won’t you stand by our side?

Won’t you shine in our eyes?
Infinity of stars for sky
But no hope for earth.
Is this called as destiny?

After so much of science
Knowledge and logic
Should we bow to destiny?
And stand trembling in unrest.

Please listen to tears
Hear our silence
We need love from heart
Heart weeps to be loved.

Alone on planet as humans
Do we humans have right to dream?
Far from every star
Can we shine in believe?

Is there anyone outside our planet?
Hello! Can we be heard?
What is happening in universe?
Why no one steps to help?

Written by Ekta Kalra

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