Why delete patience?

I know solution of climate change
Is not ready in hand,
It’s not ready in brain either,
But then why delete patience
From efforts that will shine.

Let there be hope
We humans will win the race
Let activism not alone threaten
But awaken as its goal.

Thank you!

Written by Ekta Kalra

Is water vapour the violent part of hurricanes?

1. Can hurricanes be controlled by water molecules absorption present in the air?
2. Do water molecules make the air that active?
3. Do water molecules provide that speed to the air molecules?
4. Is there any absorption of otherwise active air molecules taking place due to presence of water?
5. Is water vapour the violent part of hurricanes?
6. Can pillars constructed for the quick absorption of water molecules in air be constructed for protection from hurricanes?
7. Do water vapour act more violent in presence of certain types of microbes in the air?
8. Is microbe playing a greater role in hurricanes than we have judged so far?
9. Are microbes able to interact with atmospheric energies? This means both absorption and emission of energies.

Please discuss below.

Thank you!

Written by Ekta Kalra

Who a climate change activist is?

Writing is not for pleasure as much it is to relieve and address stress. We need to address emotions with a different angle. Deciding on the factors of life we need to build faith in self. No more pleasure should be the aim we build a different aim. To create the earth from dust and to convert the dust to earth. To make lonely the wrong and to make wrong the target of conversion. This and much more is in store. We build hope. We design success. We achieve goal. We are earth’s friend. We are activists and activity seekers on protection of climate. Say no to climate change.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Mother Earth when weeps…

I am tortured to death
Or am I torched to light?
I am Mother Earth
I am not divine.

I need support to stand
Good habits that care
I don’t stand alone
And I fall with all.

I am well versed with death
I have died before
If you keep harm your supreme
I will deny meeting your goal.

You will fall
I won’t stand
There will be death
All within reach will end.

Still if you don’t wake up
If you continue still to sleep
Let me tell you another story
Of death and defeat

You don’t nurture hope
Care in not within your fold
I am Mother Earth
I am not your caged doll.

I am no divine
Who shall stand unaffected
I am altered by industry
Your wants make me weak.

Feel me
Heal me
Nurture me
And to nature you support.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: An unheard activist

What should I write?
Why should I write?
Who shall read it?
When shall it be read?

Will politicians listen?
Will they never read?
Will every activist
Move Unknown, unheard?

What a pain?
What a sin?
What a disrepute
Humans are wasting?

I am one of them
I am none of them
I am alone in them
No one hears my words

Who to blame?
Why to blame?
There is a lot of curse
On high profile face

The sins are gathered
The sins are discovered
The earth is rooted
From its deepest worth

This is death
Or this is life
I am rejoicing in peace
No bigger surprise.

Things won’t change
Things will repeat
The joy of pain
Will hurt every living being

Earth to save
Earth to relieve
I am acknowledging success
They are designing another defeat

Let there be peace
Let there be success
Let there be caring touch
For nature all within reach.

This is no dream.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: What is loss, India?

Trump wins, earth loses

Sorrows have many names…
One of them is climate change.
I feel sorry to see and hear
How even educated people in India talk about climate change…
They think nothing should be done
Or nothing can be done.
Politicians rule till the last day of life
Much has been in the plate served by media.
Misguided they stand firm on their opinion
Shame educated people don’t want to explore
The hidden truths of our tiny world.
Congratulations Trump! On your odd success!
Deciding on death and denying life
You stand as one but not alone.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Let there be love for soil…

Some hurricane might wipe us all
Is this less of a warning to wake up call?
There can be dust and dirt all around
There can be stillness in a crowd.

There is so much of pain our earth has faced
There is so much of err we humans have made
Is this less of a warning to wake up call?
Will we arise when all is lost?

Urbanisation and richness
Goals of selfishness
Shadows of stillness
Moving undecided crowd.

Is this less of a warning to arise for all?
Infinity of wrong is already on record
Pains the ears but the complain moves unheard
Logic fails to suppress the need of nature.

Children weeping on the face of floods
Floods sweeping all dreams to dust
Earthquakes trembling the innocent hearts
So much of recent pain is already on record.

Should we still deny love for soil?
Who will hold us right?
Weeping I am for want of logic
Is there anywhere joy in this tragedy?

Then why smile you climate denier?
Are you not a part of this attire?
Which we all have worn and call it nature
Infinity of pain in store if no urgent repair.

So many trees when touch the ground
Speak in one voice
Why is unheard the sound?
Let there be love for soil.

We all need to rejoice
If we all care for soil
Soil is our last hope
Our biggest potential for a repair goal.

Why make false sound?
Why misguide those around?
Taking care of soil
You need to be silent to listen to design

The unbeatable powerful design
Where miracles happen all the time
The infinity of shine
The finite efforts too shine.

Let’s not hurt and harm
Let’s design and stand tall
Tall like a tree with the aim as sky
We will reach new goal this life.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Justice to Soil

Emotions don’t happen in a moment
There is much going on in mind before
Sometimes the result of a defeat is an emotion
Sometimes the joy of making real a dream.

Thoughts don’t occupy the mind in a moment
There is much going on before.
Sometimes the soil smells the love from human
Sometimes the land fails to hold the dirt of development.

Land doesn’t fail in a day
There is much going on before
Sometimes humans use power of machines
And puncture the soil away.

No one did it in a moment
A history unwritten has been told
Has listened the soil the tale of no repair
Harm with which trees wept all days.

No one thought just in a moment
Humans have been evil since centuries that flow
Weeping stairs to success
Why I brought humans up there?

Why humans smelt a way?
Why humans with nature play?
Infinity of life lost on soil
Created a new home for self to begin?

This is no success
This is no development
This is no urbanisation
This is pain.

The death of soil
The weeping microbes
The crying trees
Have a different tale

If you would like to be told
Then come closer and stay
With nature you learn
Rest is end of good days.

Why did this happen?
Who did it and why?
Please have patience
Permaculture is at rise.

May be things shall turn better
Another Homa therapy mission shall arise
Soil will be loved again
But can we save from arriving crime?

War hurts land
Selfishness withers it far
So much of evil around
Where to start?

Caring for microbes
Loving the trees
May humans stand as one
Nature’s need be supreme.

Justice to soil
Touch of land
Courtesy to workers
May there be loving stand.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Microbes or humans: Competition is tough…

Are microbes the real power of world?

1. Microbes multiply on host.
2. All living beings on earth are actually hosts.
3. Is human existence also essential due to the performance of his job as a host?
4. When humans multiply the host centres of microbes multiply.
5. When humans die the hosts fade away.
6. When humans multiply hosts increase in number and microbes get transferred from parents to children.
7. Is every human a home of microbes?
8. Is every human breathe supporting microbial life?
9. Were humans created to support microbial life?
10. Were we humans created so that microbes should have more “advanced form of hosts” for supporting their lives?
11. Are we humans an abnormal creation at times so that different types of microbes can be supported?
12. Are microbes made for humans or are humans made for microbes?
13. Who’s world it is the truth be known without past held misconceptions?
14. In order to support certain pathogens are we ill?
15. If microbes are the ultimate truth of life then the control of life and death is in hands of microbes or God?
16. Do powerful energies operate through microbes?
17. We have 10 times as many microbes as we have cell. We have 100 trillion bacterial cells. Doesn’t this mean where on one hand some microbes must be supporting us there must be many which must be decaying us for death bed?
18. If microbes are the kings of earth then do they have a more scientific brain than we humans?
19. Are microbes more intellectual than humans?
20. Are humans intelligent due to what our cells learned since ages through microbes?
21. Is human intelligence really dependent on microbes?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

Not created in the image of politicians 

I am joking in the air
Listening to rhythm within
I don’t know where rhyme flows
I am obeying virtues within.

I am rejoicing under the sky
Remembering good moments with friends 
But what is this I have done?
I have forgotten the efforts needed for work

Work is needed for climate care
Climate change is a reality unseen 
Unknown still by many
I need to nurture tree protection

Where on earth am I flowing
When oceans need new hope?
New flow that guarantees protection
The care unrealised by many souls

Why am I busy in thoughts 
When mind needs good reasoning 
For ways known unknown  
To protect the world 

Who will love politicians?
When on the ocean floor 
They stand but to hurt 
Let there be rhythm 

Let there be hearts.
Who can meet a politician’s wants?
Who can give him little and satisfy?
Who can make them feel the climate?

For them money is God
God smiles through comfort 
Infinity of riches is needed 
They design daily for others new hurt 

The don’t work for climate care
They don’t intend to repair 
If I will also indulge in self 
Who will care for world?

Let the common people like me
Arise and walk straight to protect 
Forests are weeping in pain 
Let the fire burn our wants 

Let us be better than politicians
More peace loving and calm 
Let us care for world more 
Let the difference between a politics and us be known.

Written by Ekta Kalra