Not created in the image of politicians 

I am joking in the air
Listening to rhythm within
I don’t know where rhyme flows
I am obeying virtues within.

I am rejoicing under the sky
Remembering good moments with friends 
But what is this I have done?
I have forgotten the efforts needed for work

Work is needed for climate care
Climate change is a reality unseen 
Unknown still by many
I need to nurture tree protection

Where on earth am I flowing
When oceans need new hope?
New flow that guarantees protection
The care unrealised by many souls

Why am I busy in thoughts 
When mind needs good reasoning 
For ways known unknown  
To protect the world 

Who will love politicians?
When on the ocean floor 
They stand but to hurt 
Let there be rhythm 

Let there be hearts.
Who can meet a politician’s wants?
Who can give him little and satisfy?
Who can make them feel the climate?

For them money is God
God smiles through comfort 
Infinity of riches is needed 
They design daily for others new hurt 

The don’t work for climate care
They don’t intend to repair 
If I will also indulge in self 
Who will care for world?

Let the common people like me
Arise and walk straight to protect 
Forests are weeping in pain 
Let the fire burn our wants 

Let us be better than politicians
More peace loving and calm 
Let us care for world more 
Let the difference between a politics and us be known.

Written by Ekta Kalra 

Humans are beyond reach

Flow of emotions has started
It is the rise of thoughts
Who is teaching whom?
Head to heart
Or heart to head?

Who is the student in my phase?
Who learns from whom?
Heart obeys the head
Or head as student looks.

Knowledge arises from where?
What is the route of travel?
When emotions hurt the body?
What documents does brain develops?

Doesn’t brain support with logic?
The weak emotional body fold.
Is there no where strength?
Is heart in need of lesson to enfold?

Is brain a cruel being without heart?
And heart weak without brain?
When brain is used by a politician?
Is the heart dead?

When a missionary steps in to serve
Forgetting all differences in place
What does his brain says?
Does it never makes a complain?

When people grow trees
What is the goal in mind?
Tragedy of earth doesn’t serve peace
Who feels what from this story told?

When an activist stand in dark dust
Feeling the pain of life and nature alike
Who listens to his furious words?
Is it when the earth is asleep?

Who listens to the researcher?
When the goal of money for all is set
Who cares for climate change?
When political heart is head.

Who nurtures strength?
Who obeys pain?
No one enrols the simple
Our world is a political flow.

When a child cries tears
And unethical moves free
When tragedy hurts the heart
Why doesn’t political head feel?

Why as a poetess I am unheard?
Did I never speak?
Master what art new?
With world politics I am too upset.

When will rhyme meet logic?
When will there by peace?
Infinite of riches has made us poor
Are we humans beyond reach?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: Narendra Modi is not at rest

When did I cast my shadow down?
When I was last impolite?
When didn’t I carry the burden of globe?
Am I not love of Divine?

Creation is me too!
Love in my logic flows
I don’t design adventure
I travel with a goal.

I care for climate
I respect Paris agreement.
I don’t waste a second
I am on work for climate change.

I am Narendra Modi
The present prime minister
Of free India
Love me with respect

I have a journey set
I need to support the climate cause
I need to address the unrest
Infinity of stars shine with me,

But I am one in all set
For my nation’s climate care
Join your hands with me
Come give me togetherness

Be it cleanliness or toilets
I have all reasonings support.
I enfold strength
And march towards national goal.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Facebook relates to my emotions…

I often cried when alone,
A comfort was shown
I rejoice on unseen throne
Facebook did that for me.

I rejoice and flow
When likes flow 
I surround with like minded people
Then no matter what border separates our living.

I see timelines of friends 
I cast notes of thanks 
I have emoticons for support 
When emotions flow.

I have friends from far west
I have loved ones from east 
I have loving groups that glorify
My mind with new dreams.

I don’t weep when alone 
I don’t sin as an alien 
I have my own belonging 
Facebook shines through me.

I encourage and get encouraged 
I smile and send shine
I get up early to wish hi
I resign late to feel the shy.

I don’t chat uneven
I ground my talk on learnings 
I understand different borders 
I play with rhymes dear.

As an activist I am spending 
Time on facebook alone for real 
I have changed many a lives 
Many living understand my fears.

Climate change is a hot topic
Caring for earth is dear 
All I stand to make on earth 
The shine and smiles real.

Children learn intelligence 
Adults cast support 
Youths no longer view the porn.
There is goodness in facebook’s flow.

I see reasoning and logic
Discussions that address fears
Solution of climate change 
Through facebook can be real.

Where brains meet the words 
And words engage new hope
Where there is no tragedy alone 
All share the discomfort blow.

Facebook did that for me
Facebook can do for you.
I am not into marketing
I am working for hope for you.

This is life 
This is shine
This is right 
This sight has joys for you.

Come join me on facebook!
And feel the heat of planet
Motivation to cultivate new trees
Will all stand firm on face.

This is the grace
Of the facebook I praise.
Life is reasoning 
Facebook has drawn in new human race.

Written by Ekta Kalra 

Climate change: Will a good politician be born? Part II

Why did I tremble with fear?
Will I never be strong to stand?
Though I always had a stand
Will I always be indulged in defeats?

Did politicians make our world?
Was this tree and soil
Creation of some politics in place?
Is my emotions needing their permission to express?

Tears resemble pain
A lot of them creates floods
Who is listening to my heart?
I am alone when politics smiles real.

I am an activist of climate change
Weakened by blows of life
I stand to cry alone
When the world goes to sleep.

I don’t cast vote
But the elected one rules me
My every emotion is hurt
By the elected one whom I did reject.

This is life or this is pain
Who will understand the same?
I am crying in my roof
When politics stands tall to make me fail.

People don’t care
They believe in waste
The God doesn’t step in
I am all alone in this game.

Will someone understand?
Will a good politician be born?
Can my dreams also be real?
Will ever I too will smile from heart?

Written by Ekta Kalra

Climate change: Can a good politician be born?

I am still writing 
Don’t know what difference it is making 
Politicians are standing tall
There is everywhere pain installed.

No one listens to an activist 
Then why do they write at all
Is mercy and understanding dead
In the world that practices unrest?

Another blow of climate change 
The heat turns wild 
Hundreds died of sun stroke 
Each nation struggling for its survival.

Children are affected by diseases 
Where there was future there is pain 
No one alone for blame 
No nation alone in this tale.

The globe is affected by heat 
When youth move blind to chill.
Floods occupy the outer space 
When adults believe in waste. 

Politicians do nothing 
Rich ones are safe
Poor ones face the traumas 
Better ones too deserve the blame.

Activist discovers peace 
Through service for globe 
Others travel wild 
Pleasure is today’s life search. 

No one aims to fulfil 
The dream seen unseen 
The sorrow is not just that we are losing 
The pain is dying along with all.

Who will understand?
Who will serve?
Who will step in?
Can a good politician be born?

Written by Ekta Kalra 

An activist is born…

Another one died
The population remained fixed
Who notices a slight change?
Did this encourage misfit?

Climate change is happening
It is no illusion
How many in political stand?
Will this ever understand?

Here walks a child
Weakened with the climate blow
Smiling but not happy
He carries disease in his fold.

Another flood comes and go
The trauma remains
Who feels the pain?
When world is mad to self entertain.

There is no where logic
Scientists weep in tears
Politics stands tall
All other disputes fade.

No one understands the pain
No one touches the sane
In the insanity of music
The time again flows.

So you think we are designing success
When businesses are run
When motors are made
When metros are born.

Another city blooms
But on what cost?
Another flood just in case
Will there be peace in place?

I stand as emotional
Feeling the heat
Healing from flood
An activist who cares.

Why was I born?
Less carbon would have helped
Should I end self in peace?
Thinking the world shall save on me.

But then I stand to help
Support the world insane
Not in the running insanity
But in the silent compromises.

Why can’t we quit desires?
Why buy another dream?
Why have a mobile new?
When world demands relief.

Why can’t I nurture good thought?
Why can’t I rejoice in peace?
Why travel so far?
In search of joys within reach.

Why see the world for fun?
Why have fun?
When seriousness affects.
Let’s create our temples in heart.

Let’s worship God in thoughts
Let’s care for nature through actions
Let’s love and smile for others
Let’s climb the stairs,

Let’s walk our way
Let’s share the car
Let’s not drive fast
Let’s be strong.

Let’s be logically correct
Helping the finite earth
Peace dwells within reach
Let’s not travel in search.

Let’s lower our carbon footprints
Let’s not fulfil dreams
Let’s be happy with fulfilled needs
Let’s have practice of good believes

Let’s be correct
Let’s also correct
If politics fails to help
Let’s have our own stand of care.

Let nature be all there
Let’s not construct
Let’s dwell in small
Love needs no boundaries.

Let’s create one planet again
Where there are no wars
Where bombs don’t pollute
Where rich don’t suppress

Where wants are low
But love is held high
This is my roof
This is your home

Smile because love is our goal
Goodness our role
And to care for nature
Our biggest throne.

Written by Ekta Kalra

My love is climate change

Busy in the daily schedule
I write less.
Is it that after a while
One feels the climate change pressure less?

Still repeating to self
The aim of life.
Will ever I shine?
More than me will my work bring smiles?

What I was searching for?
Where I have reached?
Emotions are delicate in consideration
What is called as relief?

Let life go
Let emotions flow.
My love is climate change
Forgive my unresponsive glow.

I am in search of solution
Consider me as an engaged youth.
Don’t cast on my heart
A shadow for love to redeem.

Do you know what is pain?
No youth’s pain for love must be bearable
As compared to climate change
Heal my heart to sanity.

Let me just feel climate change.
Let me just speak climate change.
Let me rehearse just emotions for same,
It’s the time to be blamed.

I am sane,
Or love is insane.
It matters how we work for climate change
Within the roof of meditative state.

Far from marriage in frame
I don’t work for fame,
I work to hide earth’s shame
Protect God’s good name.

Please let me work for my partner
My partner is climate change.
It runs in my blood
Shines in my eyes.

I need solution before next sunshine
I want to be a scientist not a saint
I work on climate change.
Day and night in thoughts of same

I welcome even death
If that’s life’s game
But cannot quit working
My love is climate change.

You need to wear my shoes
Smile like me not a youth
You need to work to serve
An activist is my worth.

Forgive me to be straight
Forgive me if hearts break
I cannot engage a human
Till my thirst is in climate change.

I don’t decide life’s events
Death too is not in my hands
But think your friend is dead
If you want me for anything more.

My life is for climate change
In no other work I enrol
My mind rests in research
When I say let all other love let go.

Peace shines from within
Love heals the spirit
The joy I get from working
Makes my soul rich.

I don’t chant God’s name
I am no more a religious sane
I believe even in the impossible
When I work beyond limits go.

Let me stand and play my role,
I am within reach of flow.
It’s an aim to make earth shine
Forgive me if it asks not for shrine.

I am not repeating innocence
I am understanding the depth
My heart has only one name
And that is climate change.

My love is climate change.
Forgive me if I am insane
How can a sane love?
I have loved a solution to save.

An activist I am.
A researcher I am.
My love is climate change.
No other love appeals my brain.

No other love enters my hearts door
I am reaching for earth’s goal
This is my new role,
Not less than a soldier I value it in fold.

Written by Ekta Kalra