Let there be love for soil…

http://penizeamy.cz/friopre/730 Some hurricane might wipe us all
Is this less of a warning to wake up call?
There can be dust and dirt all around
There can be stillness in a crowd.

http://freejobseeker.com/page/2/?q=herbal-viagra-amazon There is so much of pain our earth has faced
There is so much of err we humans have made
Is this less of a warning to wake up call?
Will we arise when all is lost?

rencontre amicale ado gratuit Urbanisation and richness
Goals of selfishness
Shadows of stillness
Moving undecided crowd.

click Is this less of a warning to arise for all?
Infinity of wrong is already on record
Pains the ears but the complain moves unheard
Logic fails to suppress the need of nature.

https://www.gemeinde-stammham.de/destolo/1326 Children weeping on the face of floods
Floods sweeping all dreams to dust
Earthquakes trembling the innocent hearts
So much of recent pain is already on record.

bar paris rencontrer filles Should we still deny love for soil?
Who will hold us right?
Weeping I am for want of logic
Is there anywhere joy in this tragedy?

see url Then why smile you climate denier?
Are you not a part of this attire?
Which we all have worn and call it nature
Infinity of pain in store if no urgent repair.

http://winevault.ca/?perex=guida-pdf-di-analisi-tecnica-per-opzioni-binarie So many trees when touch the ground
Speak in one voice
Why is unheard the sound?
Let there be love for soil.

rencontre gratuite comme badoo We all need to rejoice
If we all care for soil
Soil is our last hope
Our biggest potential for a repair goal.

40 - la rencontre de judy avec papa longues jambes Why make false sound?
Why misguide those around?
Taking care of soil
You need to be silent to listen to design

go site The unbeatable powerful design
Where miracles happen all the time
The infinity of shine
The finite efforts too shine.

http://ebbandflowdesigns.com/?ruioed=jean-fran%C3%A7ois-maurice-maryse-la-rencontre-lyrics&014=1d Let’s not hurt and harm
Let’s design and stand tall
Tall like a tree with the aim as sky
We will reach new goal this life.

Written by Ekta Kalra

Do oceans need a doctor?

buy coreglow A short discussion worth a thoughtful read:

buy aspirin 75mg 1. This the season to be getting the cold and flu.
2. But is it possible for the bacteria and viruses that infect us so easily to get sick themselves?
3. In 1917, a microbiologist working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered what he described as an invisible, antagonistic microbe that had a parasitic relationship with bacteria. He called it a bacteriophage (from phagein, “to eat”), a virus that infects bacteria.

buy famvir tablets online Reference

Some thoughts:

1. Can bacteriophage affect ocean microbes?
2. Can bacteriophage affect soil microbes?
3. Do oceans and soil also need doctors?
4. An infection to human body needs an antibiotic or antiviral?
5. Do the oceans and soil heal by itself?
6. Do oceans and soil need antibiotics or antiviral?
7. What if the illness spreads to marine plants and animals?
8. What if oceans die due to lack of proper medication?
9. Is microbiologist the physician for oceans and land?
10. What are the symptoms of illness?
11. Is excess heat or fever the first symptom of ocean and land illness?
12. Is cold chill the symptom of bacterias’ infection?

Researched by Ekta Kalra

With Lessons from Curd can Environment be Helped?


1. Could we coagulate the harmful microbes?
2. Can the harmful microbes be made to sit at the bottom of ocean or soil (if land)?
3. Did this naturally happen hundreds of years ago?
4. Did our missions at the bottom of oceans disturb this coagulation?
5. Can we change the acidity of ocean by microbes like the ones which forms curd?
6. Is there a lesson on microbes of oceans and land which is taught by the microbes of curd?
7. Can we separate all the harmful microbes in the oceans by forming a solid settled mass curd-like at the bottom of ocean? Undisturbed it shall be at peace with life…

Written by Ekta Kalra