Ice melts through heat, breaks through sound and vanishes through both…

Ice breaks through sound:

1. It is a novel and good point to be noted.
2. Does the most basic structures of ice weaken through sound?
3. Does the most basic structure of ice breaks to pieces through sound?
4. What is sound doing in Arctic? Who is making it to weaken it?
5. Does sound affects microbes in and outside ice?
6. Sound affects humans then does that mean it affects microbes?
7. Sound affects every cell of human body so does that mean it affects every gas molecule?
8. Can we heat through sound? Yes! Then why is it not so well known to science?
9. Can we withdraw sound? No! Then why do we create unwanted sound?
10. Is the right sound that makes bonds in ice? So does it mean Arctic needs Vedic mantra chanting?
11. Does the right heat help form bonds of ice? Does it mean Arctic needs Homa therapy?
12. Is sound the culprit above heat?
13. Is heat the product of sound?
14. Is sound the cause of heat?
15. Is sound the product of heat?
16. Who invented what? Humans invented sound through speech or was it really a word before all creation?
17. Why sound has so much importance in every scripture?
18. Why sound has so less relevance to Arctic till date?
19. If sound can heal cells then can it heal molecules and atoms that make the cell or air?

Think, make less sound and answer ….

Researched by Ekta Kalra